About Us

About EVIG

We are a coeducational institution offering best in class nursery, primary and secondary level education with focus on moulding the minds that build the nation.

At EVIG International School, we build the Total Child using the best and up-to-date teaching techniques and early child development methods. We mould the character of our learners by mirroring godly example. We offer education for life by laying a solid and sure foundation for the child. Our educators are qualified professionals, highly trained and experienced.

Our strategy is to add value through service, technology and unparallel commitment to make a positive difference in the pupils and students of EVIG using the most effective teaching techniques as we strive to meet the expectations of our learners, parents and the community we serve.

We value the commitment and dedication shown by all EVIG personnel towards the delivery of excellent customer service that ensures our services are promoted to a wide client base

Our school facilities are best in class with standard classrooms, library, information technology centre, home economics laboratory, music studio, a multipurpose hall and sports/game zone. EVIG International School is a place to have your child/ward to guarantee good and quality education and learning.


Mission Statement

To produce pupils and students who are morally sound, academically well-grounded and technology savvy and prepared to be future nation builders.


Vision Statement

To provide sound, high quality and all-round education that targets the foundation and minds of the children who will grow to become future nation builders.

Core Values

Our core values describe the essence and enduring principles that we live and breathe daily. They are the values we hold dear and through open communication are embedded into our culture.